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Learn the best ways to promote a website

There are a number of ways to promote your website online and learning the skills can save you 1,000’s of dollars that would otherwise be paid to digital marketing specialists or agencies. Below is an overview and some valuable resources for developing your skills and understanding of:


Digital marketing fundamentals | Overview | Courses

Search Engine Optimisation | SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is effectively the process of earning traffic to your website through providing original and well structured content that is deemed relevant to a specific keyword or set of keywords entered into search engines. The only pre-requisite for SEO is that you have a website or are in the process of putting together a website that can be optimised for search. If you don’t have a website as yet check out our how to make a WordPress website 2017 tutorial

Below are our recommended courses on SEO best practices that cover everything from SEO strategy and aligning your strategy with your business or website objectives, to the more technical aspects of meta data, server-side optimisation, and the myriad of ranking factors. These courses all aim to solve the challange of how can we make our web content more ‘discoverable’?

SEO Courses | Recommended


Google AdWords |Search Engine Marketing - SEM | Pay-Per-Click - PPC

Google AdWords is a powerful tool for driving quality paid traffic to your website, and can often provide some quick wins when asked the question of how to promote a website. Like most things digital, there are a few subtleties to this platform that once you learn can save you a lot of time and wasted clicks. Understanding things like match types, negative keywords, and the value of the right account structure, are all things that will improve your performance and the results you achieve through this channel. Learn how to use automation to improve your workflow and efficiency by 10x.

Below are some courses we would recommend to help lay a strong foundation, or further solidify your understanding of Google AdWords. Check out our video tutorials that walkthrough setting up an AdWords account and some tips and tricks to instill some good habits that will serve you well.

Google AdWords (SEM / PPC) Courses | Recommended


Email marketing | Sales funnel marketing

When used right email marketing can become your most profitable and efficient channel. Through leveraging the power of automation, well crafted ‘nuture tracks’, and engaging html email templates, you can create efficiencies in your business that drive conversion and profitability.

Remember that if this is done poorly, this channel can quickly become the most annoying and has the potential to damage your brand and dis-engage users. Our preferred email marketing platform is AWeber, MailChimp, or ConvertKit and below we’ve featured a couple of courses we would recommend you take to become an email marketing / sales funnel legend!

Email Marketing Courses | Recommended



Ok, I know User eXperience (UX) design isn’t necessarily a ‘lead channel’, however, when done right it improves conversion! Meaning you need less traffic for the same result, or the same traffic generates a better result (depending if your ‘glass half-full’, or ‘half empty’). When tackling any new digital project, it pays to design your content and layouts with the user experience in mind. Getting good at wire-framing, and aligning your business or project objectives to your design is critical to being successful in digital marketing.

Why is UX and content design so important? Because we live in an instant gratification society and our attention spans continue to get shorter and shorter, therefore it is no longer enough to just have good content, it needs to be well designed and engaging for it to be effective. Check out some of our recommended videos below that will help fine-tune your skills in this area and improve the quality of your digital projects.

UX / Content Design Courses | Recommended



Social media can broadly be broken down into two categories; social media marketing and social media advertising. Social media marketing focuses on an organic, content and user experience driven approach to social. Whereas, social media advertising focusses more on leveraging the social media advertising platforms to reach new ‘not-yet-engaged’ users through the placement of strategic ads in relevant and targeted markets.

The courses we’ve featured below focus primarily on Facebook and Instagram as these are often the most popular and effective channels. Learning how to source quality images, create relevant content and develop an effective social media strategy for your business, brand or project can yield great results. Similarly, learning about re-targeting, custom, and look-a-like audiences will allow you to tap into new markets with a higher degree of predictability and success.

Social Media Courses | Recommended


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